Rufus Baldovin

Tiefling Sorcerer - Outlander


Race – Tiefling
Gender – Male
Known Languages – Common, Draconic, Elvish, and Demon


Early Life:
Rufus grew up in the small village of Oocil with his family. His mother died in childbirth and his father, Theo, despised him for it. He had one older brother, Othir, and a set of triplet sisters named Jade, Amber, and Ruby.

On the Road:
When Rufus was twelve years old, a traveling merchant by the name of Niron took pity on the boy and offered him a place at his side. Rufus accepted and began traveling with the elf. Throughout their time together Niron taught Rufus not only how to trade and barter, but how to effectively read people in order to achieve goals. Niron saw that Rufus had a knack for getting what he wanted by manipulating people with how he spoke, a useful gift for a merchant. They traveled together for several years. As Rufus grew older, it became more and more apparent that his silver tongue was not his only gift. He was always fascinated by fire, and it almost seemed as if fire was fascinated by him. At first Niron thought nothing of it, just mere coincidence and such, but the more they traveled together, the more it became clear there was something else at work. Soon after Rufus had turned sixteen Niron convinced him that he should attend a school in which he could learn how to control and channel his power.

Academic Life:
Rufus did not spend much time at the academy, but the short amount of time he did spend there opened up a brand way of thinking. The teachers noticed right away that Rufus was special for he did not have the normal gift of magic. Most students were training to become wizards, people who rely on intelligence and knowledge to learn limitless spells through preparation and care. Rufus obviously did not have the gift of knowledge, but what he had instead was raw power. That day Rufus began his training as a sorcerer.

Rufus Baldovin

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