And so it begins...

Day 2

The First Dungeon

The Road So Far…

Ok well some shit happened this time. The group of “mighty” adventures encountered a paladin knight who seems kinda high and mighty and DOUCHEY…but they decided to keep him around; if only to out Tom and his tanking. The group then stumbled around through a crazy thick fog and came upon a temple that looked pretty abandoned and beat up. Canada took the time to try and draw several maps of the area (what a nice guy), but Tom kept dicking around and drawing over them which was annoying and amusing at the same time. The group lost focused for a while and stumbled through random doors until finding the center of the temple (there was a battle and several almost battles). At the center, the group encountered the one eyed Queen and had to solve 3 riddles. After solving the puzzles, The Queen granted them safe passage through the temple and lifted the magical fog she had spread over the land. Continuing their journey the group came across a large group of goblins and had an intense battle. The group has almost reached that city they originally set out for.

All in all the group learned that if they are going to fight a battle, they need a battle map otherwise they are completely useless.

Oh yeah, they reached level three as well.


tony_sappanos tubaaron

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